Will I Remember Being Hypnotized?

A very common question about the hypnotic state is whether you will experience amnesia after the hypnotic state. This is not an easy question to answer, because it is dependent on the situation. At times the unconscious mind can be protective and therefore decide that some issues shouldn’t be consciously available. Freud used psychoanalysis to surface the traumas from the unconscious, but he had a very different view on the unconscious mind than modern hypnotists.

Contrary to the common belief, hypnosis does not cause amnesia in itself. People who has experienced clinical hypnosis will mostly tell you that they were “awake” the whole time, and can remember a great deal of what the hypnotist said. The belief about amnesia could be one of the many misconceptions that people have had after experiencing stage hypnosis. By using hypnosis the subconscious mind can let you forget your name completely, and this is often a very entertaining part of stage hypnosis. Similarly the stage hypnotist will┬ásometimes – with the allowance of the subjects unconscious mind – induce a state of amnesia about the whole experience of being on stage. This is amusing for the audience since the subjects cannot remember what they have been doing. When using hypnosis clinically there is no point in inducing amnesia or total recall, the subconscious mind can be trusted to remember what’s important and forget what’s not.

It is also important to remember that any amnesia induced by hypnosis can be recalled using hypnosis. Dave Elman describes in his book “Hypnotherapy” how you can use hypnosis to recall anything the doctors have said will you are sedated. There is also a case example of a person who – while under sedation – misinterpreted what the doctors were talking about, and therefore had some problems. These problems were solved by Dave Elman using hypnotherapy. To sum it up, you will most likely remember your experience of hypnosis!