What Makes A Good Hypnotic Subject?

There are many myths in the area of hypnotizability. Common misunderstandings include the belief that hypnotizeable persons are pushovers who have the absolute authority or are unintelligible. Neither of these beliefs is true, but some characteristics usually can indicate if the client is highly hypnotizeable.

Hypnosis and imagination seem to be linked in specific ways. As with the invention, hypnotizability appears to decrease with age. I’m not indicating that it’s hard to enter the hypnotic trance if you are above a certain age; it will require more sophisticated techniques than what is needed to hypnotize younger people. And let me make it very clear that hypnosis has nothing to do with manipulation; therefore, there is no honor in “not being easy to hypnotize.” It is straightforward to resist hypnosis, you determine that you don’t want to be hypnotized, and that’s that.

If you have a history of talking in your sleep, you may be an excellent hypnotic subject. You may have even more potential if you are known to walk in your sleep. This would make you a “Natural Somnambulist,” as Dave Elman would have said. But even if you don’t think you have ever done this, it doesn’t mean that you will have a hard time going into hypnosis. You can quickly train your ability to enter the hypnotic state. One way to do this could be to use a technique for self-hypnosis.

So if you have an appointment with a hypnotist, don’t worry about hypnotizability; as I mentioned earlier: anyone with a normal functioning brain can be hypnotized with the appropriate methods. Although this is the case, I recommend that you try the technique mentioned above for self-hypnosis, as it is straightforward and will prepare you for the appointment with the hypnotist.