What Is NGH?

Whether you are a potential client looking for a hypnotist to help you solve an issue or an individual interested in learning how to hypnotize, you should know what NGH is. NGH is short for National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest international organization of hypnotists. So why should you know anything about NGH?

Because anybody could call themselves a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, the title is not protected by any official body. This means that if a person has the conscience to do so, he could call himself a hypnotist without any training. This presents a problem. But this is not the only problem; if a trained hypnotist somehow violates everyday ethics, there is no “right to practice” that can be withdrawn. These issues are common to all areas of alternative medicine where the title is not protected; the solution is certification.

By approving specific certification courses, the NGH can ensure that its members at least have a required minimum of training. Any member of NGH who wishes to maintain the certificate will have to educate himself further each year and is required to be ethically responsible. If there is a problem with a member of NGH, the board members can withdraw the certification of that individual. This is essential in protecting the client, but by its training requirements, NGH protects the person who wants to be a hypnotist. If you are looking for somewhere to take a course in hypnosis, you will find NGH approved certification courses by clicking here!