What Is Hypnotic Regression?

The term “hypnotic regression” covers a technique where the hypnotist guides the client back to a previous experience in his life. This will often be done with “the affect bridge” technique. When the client is in the hypnotic state of mind, the hypnotist will ask the client’s subconscious mind to go back to the first time it experienced the feelings associated with the problem that the client wants to solve.

Some clients can spontaneously regress to an incident that happened while their mother was pregnant with them. It is tough to verify if hypnosis allows someone to access memories during pregnancy because it will be too long ago for anyone to remember. Additionally, there is the chance that the client forms the incident after hearing about the incident from his parents. Other clients can spontaneously regress to a past life. I think that this happens to people who believe in it, and these people will often be significantly helped by dealing with issues that supposedly happened in their past life.

This technique is in the arsenal of nearly every modern hypnotist, as it has proven very useful. Among other things, this technique is what separates a hypnotherapist from a hypnotist.