What Is A Post-Hypnotic Suggestion?

A post-hypnotic suggestion is precisely like a hypnotic suggestion, but the subject is told to act it out after he has returned to his normal state of mind. Post-hypnotic suggestions are commonly used in hypnosis; here are some examples:

  • As a convincer of the state of trance
  • To let the client experience a feeling of comfort when returning from the trance state
  • To strengthen the suggestions done in hypnosis
  • For entertainment purposes.

The hypnotist uses convincers to convince the client that he was actually in a different state of mind. Convincers can be as simple as “After you wake up from the trance, you will experience the color red everywhere as you have never experienced it before.” This will be a straightforward yet powerful way to convince the subject of the powers of his subconscious mind.

When the trance state is terminated, most hypnotists offer post-hypnotic suggestions to let the client experience a feeling of comfort when waking up. There isn’t any reason why this shouldn’t be done, as there is no harm in feeling comfortable, even if it’s for absolutely no reason.

With post-hypnotic suggestions, a client’s unconscious mind can be asked to act out on some cue. This cue can be something that the hypnotist is sure that the client will encounter and therefore suggests a very resourceful state of mind when the client meets this.

Stage hypnotists use post-hypnotic suggestions throughout the entire show. While the subjects on stage are hypnotized, he will typically give them tips to act out a specific behavior on a cue. It could be something like, “Every time you hear me use the word hypnosis, you will stand up and scream HELLO.” The subject is woken from the trance, and seemingly in a waking state, he will scream “HELLO” every time the hypnotist uses the word hypnosis. Some stage hypnotists chain this with other subjects cued to do something based on another subject’s behavior.

You must know that nobody can install a post-hypnotic suggestion that you don’t accept. Read “can a hypnotist make me commit a bank robbery” for more info on this.