What If I Don’t Believe In Hypnosis?

When you don’t know anything about hypnosis and the hypnotic state, you might think hypnosis has something to do with believing. I would argue that believing in hypnosis is like believing in gravity; even if you don’t believe in it, you live with its opportunities and constraints every day of your life. The people who oppose this analogy are most commonly the ones who think that hypnosis is mind-control or manipulation, so before you can understand my analogy, you must change these false beliefs about hypnosis.

About beliefs and hypnosis, one thing is essential. You mustn’t believe that you can’t be hypnotized. All the hypnotist needs from you are your cooperation and an open mind about hypnosis. I have hypnotized many people who initially said something like: “I don’t believe in hypnosis.” They were all astonished about the hypnotic experience and the post-hypnotic suggestions.

So if what you don’t believe in hypnosis can control a mind, you are right about your belief. But it’s important to me that you alter your opinion about hypnosis to go from thinking it’s mind-control to thinking that it’s just a state of mind in which YOU have more control over your body and mind. But do me a favor, if you doubt this answer, but decide to go to a hypnotist anyway, please tell the hypnotist that you are skeptical!