Stop Smoking With Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

This article focuses on some of the aspects that make it difficult for smokers to stop. Being aware of the different parts of smoking cessation makes it possible to use hypnosis and hypnotherapy. By working together with the subconscious mind, you can achieve smoking cessation much more accessible while at the same time having a much more pleasant experience.

As the number of studies that show harmful effects of smoking increases, governments around the globe make it equally harder for their citizens to continue smoking by making cigarettes harder to buy, more expensive, or illegal to smoke in certain areas. All the smokers I know – who haven’t quite yet – have tried to do so several times. It’s not just the government’s attempts to stop smoking that encourage these attempts, but their surroundings and often a rational view that smoking is a waste of money. When I was younger, I clearly remember how my siblings and I would ask our grandmother if she quit smoking. My grandmother smoked through many years, and she explained to us that she wanted to stop but just couldn’t. When she lost a sister – who also had been smoking most of her life – to lung cancer, she realized that she needed to do something, and she has never smoked since. How can it be that it’s so hard to stop smoking when you want to?

I usually distinguish between the conscious and the subconscious mind by saying that the conscious is the leader and the subconscious is the manager. The conscious mindsets the course, while the subconscious mind is the motor that ensures the goal will be reached. Whenever the subconscious mind has set up habits and routines, it can be tough to break these by using willpower/the conscious mind. Several aspects make it difficult to stop smoking. The first one is nicotine. It has been determined that nicotine is addictive, making the body physically addicted to the substance. Still, despite this, the nicotine will leave the body in just a couple of days after you have stopped smoking. By the way, did you know that if you extracted the nicotine in raw form from just a single cigarette and injected it directly into the veins of a horse, it would die? It doesn’t sound like a substance someone would enjoy allowing into their body.

I know many smokers who stopped smoking for weeks and even months just to go back to smoking. When that much time has passed, it’s not the work of nicotine, instead of the social aspect of smoking, which is very important. When a larger group of people gather, who has never met each other before, it’s usually the smokers who first get to know each other because they pick in the breaks to smoke. This is a very positive feature of the smoking habit. Still, unfortunately, it’s not positive enough to outweigh the negative consequences that smoking has for both the smoker and his surroundings. Richard Bandler – the co-founder of NLP – describes in one of his books how he helped a man to stop smoking. After just one session, the man had quit the habit, but he started to have problems with his relationship with his wife. Bandler called in both the man and his wife, and after observing them sitting in the waiting room, he thought it could be related to the cigarettes. Smoking had been something the couple did together, and since he didn’t smoke anymore, he didn’t engage in that activity. Before, he would be sitting in the kitchen with her having a cigarette and chatting, but now he would rather not be around her when she was smoking. This aspect is also essential when you stop smoking. It can be very hard on a relationship if one person stops smoking and the other doesn’t. Mainly, smoking has built new beliefs about how bad smoking is.

It also occurs that people get pressured by their peers to stop smoking – just as my siblings and I tried to get our grandmother to stop. It can be impossible to stop smoking using hypnosis if the smoker doesn’t want to quit. Despite what some people believe, hypnosis isn’t manipulation. You cannot make someone do something they don’t want to by hypnotizing them. If that was the case, the hypnotists could hypnotize all the criminals in prison and have them stop committing a crime, but it’s just not possible. Hypnosis is an effective tool when committed to breaking the habit. Many smokers have beliefs about how hard it is to stop smoking. Some think it will be hell both mentally and physically, but this is where hypnosis can help ease the abstinences and remove the hypnotic suggestion you have induced in your mind about the difficulty of quitting. If you try to quit smoking believing that it will be challenging, it probably will!

The hypnotist you choose for helping you should also help you avoid replacing the smoking habit with another bad habit, but instead have you utilize your new situation to benefit you as much as possible. Noone would like you to quit smoking just to become depressed or irritated. If this article has convinced you to use hypnosis to stop smoking, I suggest you find a hypnotist in your area and give them a phone call to find out how you can be assisted.