Is Self-Hypnosis Better Than Consulting A Hypnotist?

A lot of people have asked me this question. It seems appealing to avoid the cost of consulting a hypnotist and apply self-hypnosis to the problem. Even though there are simple techniques for self-hypnosis, you will have to acquire some skills before being able to use self-hypnosis successfully. There is no doubt that self-hypnosis can be used to benefit you in many parts of your life. Still, if you only need self-hypnosis for a single problem that is currently limiting, you should consider consulting a hypnotist.

As an economist by education, I would argue that the time you will have to acquire the needed skill in self-hypnosis will exceed the cost of consulting a hypnotist. I have read many books about hypnosis, which has had several favorable results: I have previously suffered from migraines and don’t anymore. I am never nervous about going to an exam. I am never worried when teaching statistics to new students to gain positive benefits. If I had used the time to study hypnosis to work at a regular hourly salary, I would have earned a substantial amount of money. My point is that you should learn self-hypnosis for all the positive effects it could have on your life, not because you want to save some money.

You also have to consider that when you consult a hypnotist, that person will have a great deal of knowledge about hypnosis and hypnotic techniques. It is also likely that this person has a lot of experience regarding a particular problem. While self-hypnosis can do you a lot of good, doing “therapeutic” work on yourself is not that easy, and I would suggest you don’t attempt this. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, but when you are the hypnotist, you don’t have the same amount of knowledge about hypnosis as a professional hypnotist would, so after this explanation, I would say, consulting a hypnotist is your best bet, certainly if you have no previous experience with hypnosis.