Does Hypnosis Actually Work?

This is a hilarious question, and my guess about its origin is that it’s based on a perception of hypnosis like it’s presented in cartoons. When hypnosis is used in comics, it enables the “hypnotist” to control the subject. If you think that when hypnosis is “working,” you have total control over an individual, you … Read more

Is A Deep Monotone Voice A Sign Of A Good Hypnotist?

If the path to the hypnotic was through boredom, I guess a deep monotone voice would be preferred. I think that Ernest Hilgard is responsible for this myth because he was a prominent researcher applying scientific principles to the field of hypnotism. Unfortunately for Ernest Hilgard, he chose to hypnotize people with an induction tape, … Read more

What Is The Subconscious Mind?

You will see the words several times when you read about hypnosis: the subconscious mind is also called the unconscious mind. There have also been several different interpretations of what this “unconscious mind” is. In recent times Richard Bandler of NLP has coined the term with the meaning of “Whatever we aren’t conscious of at … Read more

Am I Sleeping When I’m Hypnotized?

Even though you may have heard a hypnotist say the word “Sleep” to induce the hypnotic trance, the state of hypnosis is not quite the same as sleeping. Hypnosis is most similar to the state you are in right before you wake up and right before you fall asleep. This is also a good description … Read more

What Is Mesmerism?

Mesmerism is essentially the same as hypnosis; the word mesmerism is just a lot older than hypnosis and was packed with substantial misconceptions when it was used, which was the reason to change it. Mesmerism comes from the last name of Franz Anton Mesmer; he was the first to practice what we would call hypnosis … Read more

What Makes A Good Hypnotic Subject?

There are many myths in the area of hypnotizability. Common misunderstandings include the belief that hypnotizeable persons are pushovers who have the absolute authority or are unintelligible. Neither of these beliefs is true, but some characteristics usually can indicate if the client is highly hypnotizeable. Hypnosis and imagination seem to be linked in specific ways. … Read more

Will I Remember Being Hypnotized?

A very common question about the hypnotic state is whether you will experience amnesia after the hypnotic state. This is not an easy question to answer, because it is dependent on the situation. At times the unconscious mind can be protective and therefore decide that some issues shouldn’t be consciously available. Freud used psychoanalysis to … Read more