What Is Direct vs. Indirect Suggestion?

The term “hypnotic suggestions” covers the things the hypnotist asks of the client to experience while being in the hypnotic state of mind. These suggestions can be very direct or indirect, also termed traditional vs. permissive techniques. Straightforward guidance could be something like this: “Your hand will become weightless and rise high in the air,” … Read more

How Will I Know If I’m Hypnotized?

Since I frequently hear the phrase “Is hypnosis real?” I understand that some people want to know if they have been hypnotized. The main problem with proving hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Not only is it a natural state, but the cures that hypnosis provides are also perceived as something natural. This is … Read more

Will Unpleasant Memories Surface In Hypnosis?

Certain people have adopted the Freudian belief that the subconscious mind contains all the past trauma. When they combine this belief with information about hypnosis, as working directly with the subconscious mind, the conclusion tends to go something like this: “Wouldn’t I risk that hypnosis opens a gate in the subconscious mind that will start … Read more

Common Questions And Misconceptions About Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

This written an article that seeks to explain the many misconceptions that exist in people’s minds. Before you even consider hypnosis or hypnotherapy as a treatment for your problem, you need to understand the content of this article. Every hypnotist needs to learn the facts about hypnosis and not just adopt the impressions from cartoons … Read more

Can Hypnosis Be Dangerous?

From everything I have heard and read, there has not been a single case of hypnosis being dangerous to the client. Many people fear that hypnosis will unleash the wrath of the subconscious mind, but that belief often stems from a Freudian train of thought, which is pretty outdated. It’s also a common misunderstanding that … Read more

What Is Hypnotic Suggestion?

Hypnotic suggestions are the particular kind of hypnotist’s use as a part of the treatment. These suggestions are either direct or indirect. An example of a direct suggestion could be something like “Your arm will raise in the air,” while the indirect suggestion would be something like “You may feel your arm getting lighter and … Read more

Who Is Milton H. Erickson?

Milton H. Erickson was an outstanding hypnotist who had great success during the various problems people brought to him. He didn’t use conventional methods. Instead, he was very engaged in the client’s world model. This leads him to treat every client uniquely using permissive techniques and a lot of metaphors. His method for conducting hypnosis … Read more

What Is Ericksonian Hypnosis?

Ericksonian hypnosis is named after the hypnotist Milton H. Erickson. When he was alive he had a very distinctive technique for conducting hypnosis. You may also come across this technique with the name of permissive hypnosis. Instead of the traditional direct suggestions, Erickson would permit the client to experience the meaning that the clients subconscious … Read more

What Is A Post-Hypnotic Suggestion?

A post-hypnotic suggestion is precisely like a hypnotic suggestion, but the subject is told to act it out after he has returned to his normal state of mind. Post-hypnotic suggestions are commonly used in hypnosis; here are some examples: As a convincer of the state of trance To let the client experience a feeling of … Read more

Do You Have To Be Relaxed To Be Hypnotized?

A common technique to induce a state of hypnosis is called progressive relaxation. By relaxing each body part sequentially, a trance state can be achieved. This is a somewhat lengthy procedure, but it works nonetheless. However, this is not the induction of choice for most hypnotists because it’s very time-consuming. The technique makes people believe … Read more