How Will I Know If I’m Hypnotized?

Since I frequently hear the phrase “Is hypnosis real?” I understand that some people want to know if they have been hypnotized. The main problem with proving hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Not only is it a natural state, but the cures that hypnosis provides are also perceived as something natural. This is good for the client; let me explain how this is.

When clients have a severe problem that bugs them in their everyday lives, you could expect an enormous amount of celebration when they realize that the pain is gone. This is often not the case with hypnosis. You can have a client that is highly phobic of something, conduct hypnotherapy to help the client, and have the client walk out the door without feeling any different than when they walked in the door (assuming that the person wasn’t experiencing the feeling of the phobia when walking in). Suddenly, the client realizes that the phobia isn’t an issue because it feels so natural. Without knowing this, you might expect someone to feel an incredible amount of freedom when he finds out that he isn’t bothered by a phobia anymore. But since this doesn’t happen, you will not see these big celebrations of newfound freedom. I think this is good! I wouldn’t ever want someone to believe that I was the trustworthy source of their release.

I have seen many religious cults with rituals, which I would describe as a form of hypnosis. It’s nothing like the formal hypnosis you find at a hypnotist’s office; it’s a different kind that they don’t even know they are doing. When they “accidentally” cure people of some problems with these rituals, they come to believe that their spiritual leader is connected with God. I’m not a very religious person, but don’t take this as discredit if you are. I merely suggest that you think of these miracles as miracles of the body (a creation of God, if you will) instead of an attribute of the religious leader!

This took a slightly different turn, but my point is that the state of hypnosis and the effects of hypnosis will probably not feel that new to you. For some people, it does, for some, it doesn’t, and that’s fine. You also know why there is no beautiful celebration when hypnosis is used as the cure; it’s a natural change. Some hypnotists will make sure that you experience something different after being hypnotized. It can be as simple as suggesting that you will see the color “red” everywhere it’s present. This will most likely convince you that hypnosis did have some effect and that you were hypnotized.