How Do I Hypnotize Someone?

This question is often asked by people seeking to “control” the behavior of someone and at the same time thinks that there is a specific method to accomplish this. I must disappoint anyone with these beliefs! If it were possible to control someone through a simple hypnotic induction, we wouldn’t have any crime in this world because we could hypnotize the criminals. So if you are on this website to enchant your boss, a girl you would like to be with or someone else, please read some of the other’s faqs to gain a clear understanding of hypnosis.

For those interested in the process of hypnosis, here is my thought about this subject. I agree with people who claim that “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis” the hypnotist doesn’t put you in the state; he merely guides you with some techniques that are known to induce the hypnotic state if you cooperate. A big part of successfully entering hypnosis is the client’s perception of the hypnotist; if the hypnotist is unsecure or seems to have a hidden agenda, the client may not be able to enter the hypnotic state, simply because his unconscious mind will interrupt it.

The only account of a person being hypnotized¬†without giving her consent¬†is described in “Hypnotherapy” by Dave Elman. Briefly explained, a man asked Dave Elman to teach him how to transform sleep to a state of hypnosis, so he could hypnotize his wife to stop teasing him. Dave Elman warned him that he wouldn’t be successful and suggested that he didn’t follow the course of his only intention was to be there. The man learned the technique and successfully hypnotized his wife to stop teasing him while she was sleeping. It’s important to understand that this woman probably didn’t knock her husband because she wanted to harm him, so when he hypnotized her, her unconscious mind understood that the teasing wasn’t pleasant for her husband, even though he had been unsuccessful in telling her this in her waking state.

To hypnotize someone, you will need to learn some hypnotic techniques and understand what hypnosis is about. You will not succeed in hypnotizing someone with the purpose of manipulation.