How Can Hypnosis Help Me Lose Weight?

Many hypnotists offer weight reduction programs, but it’s my experience that most clients don’t know how hypnosis will help them lose weight. There are different approaches to this.

The first approach would be to focus on the future and work with hypnosis to make healthy behavior the habit instead of bad habits of overeating and no exercise. A part of this process is getting the subconscious mind to accept weight loss. You probably know someone who can eat and eat and eat again and never seem to gain a pound. Almost all people will argue that this is genetically determined, and therefore these people are just fortunate with their genes. I’m not sure that this is the entire truth. I believe the unconscious mind has a lot to lose weight. Therefore I think that going on a diet is the worst thing you can do, because when you install the belief in your mind that “as long as I eat this, and only this, I will lose weight.” This belief does you no good because it implicitly installs the idea that “if I eat ANYTHING besides my diet, I will gain a lot of weight.” This could explain why people on diets lose a decent amount of weight, but as soon as they divert from the diet, they gain more than they lost. Hypnosis should help you install excellent healthy habits and focus less on food and weight. By living healthy habits, the weight will eventually come.

Another good part of hypnosis for weight loss is the identification of feelings that are suppressed by eating. Loneliness and hunger are often felt in the same body area (the stomach), which can mislead some people to think that eating is the way to settle that unpleasant feeling. This is not the case since the surface doesn’t stem from a lack of food. You could say that the texture will only get stronger when you eat unless you are in a non-judgmental environment. It’s not easy for an obese person to be very social. So that’s another use for hypnosis to lose weight; gaining some insights into your body’s feelings and actual needs.

Sometimes it can be necessary to dig into past events in the life of the obese client. There is an excellent example of how past events build-up to an unconscious part that protects the individual by prohibiting weight loss in the literature. Edgar A. Barnett can read the case in “Analytical Hypnotherapy” by Edgar A. Barnett. As is the client’s name, Babara has had bad experiences with the opposite sex two times when she has lost weight. Some part of her unconscious mind decides to prevent this by making it impossible for Barbara to lose weight; the same position almost prevented her from showing up for her second hypnotherapy session. After resolving this issue and finding different ways to protect Barbara, she lost weight.

These are some of the practical ways hypnosis can help you lose weight. Other hypnotists specializing in weight loss with hypnosis might have different ways to use hypnosis. Therefore, I will encourage you to look around the web pages of other hypnotists.