Does Hypnosis Really Exist?

An interesting question. The hypnotic state is a mental state of mind that can be measured with a brain scanner. It is very similar to the state you enter just before you fall asleep and right before you wake up. I can verify this description from my experience with self-hypnosis. Even though I can describe this, some people remain skeptical for some reason.

To me, it’s not a question of whether hypnosis exists or not because I have experienced it myself. Because of that, I like to tell skeptics to think of it as gravity. Who would ask the question if gravity exists? Probably nobody, because we all live with it every day. It’s precisely the same with hypnosis; we all utilize the hypnotic state every day for learning purposes. And by using it more purposefully for other parts of our lives, I reaped many benefits.

If you are still doubtful that hypnosis exists, I suggest you try Betty Erickson’s technique for self-hypnosis. Expect your experience to be nothing like you imagine it when you do. How hypnosis feels is different for each individual, but it will most likely feel just like it does before you fall asleep. I must also say that hypnosis is not dangerous; it’s perfectly safe. Go ahead and get your first experience with a hypnotic state you induced yourself.