Do You Have To Be Relaxed To Be Hypnotized?

A common technique to induce a state of hypnosis is called progressive relaxation. By relaxing each body part sequentially, a trance state can be achieved. This is a somewhat lengthy procedure, but it works nonetheless. However, this is not the induction of choice for most hypnotists because it’s very time-consuming. The technique makes people believe that you have to be relaxed to enter a hypnotic state, but this is not the case.

Relaxation causes trance but is not a requirement to achieve trance. Stage hypnotists will often hypnotize the subject while standing up because this is more entertaining than a lengthy progressive relaxation, making audience members fall asleep.

So if you have any trouble relaxing, tell your hypnotist this before the induction; that way, he can use techniques that are better suited for you. That you have difficulties settling is not the same as being unable to be hypnotized unless you have a firm belief that this is, in fact, the case. It is not about what is “true” but more about what you believe matters!