Can Control Freaks Benefit From Hypnosis And Hypnosis Recordings?

Some people believe that they cannot benefit from hypnosis because they describe themselves as a “control freak.” This article explains how hypnosis is not only possible for “control freaks” but also an excellent way to achieve more control of your state of mind. He also offers anyone in doubt about “what gets put into their mind” to provide a transcript of his hypnosis recordings.

Yes, you can be a “control freak” and still get into hypnosis. (For those unfamiliar with the term, “control freak” is a term sometimes applied to those individuals who like to have a lot of control over themselves, their circumstances, their environment, etc.)

Hypnosis- at least the most modern, calm hypnosis done by people with reasonable hearts and heads- enhances self-control. Nobody takes control or forces anything. The listener’s mind decides how much focus to foster, and any “trance” can be broken at any time by simply choosing to do so.

This is an excellent aspect of hypnosis — an aspect Freud resented, by the way. (He didn’t like that he worked so hard and then found that his patients thought they were doing the actual work of changing. He was a control freak). Hypnosis is excellent self-control, a self-influence tool that your mind utilizes to get enhanced control and influence over inner, usually unconsciously “controlled” thought processes.

Hypnosis isn’t an experience that is thrust upon you — despite what stage hypnotists want you to think as they do their razzle-dazzle. You don’t lose control. Decades of modern scientific study have shown that while hypnotized, there is always a part of you watching, critically observing, perfectly aware of everything going on, even though many people don’t remember doing much more than feeling like they fell asleep.

And even more helpful is the fact that hypnosis is a tool that you can take your time getting familiar with. You can listen skeptically and with an alert mind, frequently distracting yourself from the hypnotic presentation. You can allow yourself to take whatever time you want to relax with the process, letting yourself get deeper and deeper into it each time you try it. (This is the case with seeing a hypnotherapist or using a hypnosis recording — though the latter is a bit more cost-effective if you want to take several hours letting yourself relax.)

Reading a transcript will not interfere with your experience. Especially if it helps you relax quicker and let yourself experience the background, it can enhance and speed up beneficial effects.

As an enhancement of self-control, hypnosis — especially recorded hypnosis that can be used whenever the individual wants to use it — is a dream come true for anyone who likes to feel in control and wants to feel more in control. Hypnosis recordings can be an excellent tool to achieve or enhance self-control, self-help, self-empowerment, and self-healing.