Can I Hypnotize Myself?

It is common to hear modern hypnotists say that “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis,” which means that when you consult a hypnotist, you will not be “programmed” by the hypnotist; you will “program” yourself with the help of the hypnotist. Since hypnosis isn’t something “done to you,” it is also possible to hypnotize yourself.

Self-hypnosis can be used to supplement the treatment you receive at the hypnotist’s office, but self-hypnosis can also be used by itself. Just like anything else, self-hypnosis is something that takes practice. The benefits of practicing self-hypnosis are many. I use self-hypnosis to wake up in the morning at a specified time when I have something important to attend to. I have found that waking up by myself instead of using the alarm clock is much more pleasant. I still set the clock to be sure that I wake up in time, but I have yet to experience the need for it. It’s normal for me to wake up within 2 minutes of what I have specified before going to sleep.

Some people who are more trained in self-hypnosis than I am can use self-hypnosis for pain management. Dave Elman describes hypnosis for pain management in his book “Hypnotherapy.” Instead of receiving anesthesia, he would use self-hypnosis. If you would like to reap those benefits of self-hypnosis very fast, I suggest consulting a hypnotist or even attending a course in self-hypnosis.