Can Hypnosis Help Me Find Lost Things?

Through time, stage hypnotists have shown us how hypnosis can be entertainment. For nearly as long, clinical hypnotists have urged us to hypnosis as something that can help you overcome past problems. So where does this question come from, that hypnosis could be used to find lost things?

Many different hypnotists have reported that the unconscious mind seems to hold all the information you have ever experienced. Richard Bandler had even claimed that a skillful could have a subject read you a book that they flipped through when they weren’t even old enough to read. I have no personal experience that would suggest such a radical belief. Still, then again, I have never attempted to prove or disprove it (nor do I consider myself as skillful as Richard Bandler). However, I have personal experience to suggest that the unconscious mind holds a great deal of information that may not be consciously accessible. Forensic hypnosis further supports this, where witnesses can sometimes recall details of things they have seen to help the investigation.

In his book “Transforming therapy,” Gil Boyne helps a woman who has lost an expensive and essential piece of jewelry. The woman has no conscious recollection of where this jewelry can be, but with hypnosis, she is reminded that she hid it in her bathroom to avoid being stolen. So the short answer to this question is: Yes, hypnosis can sometimes help you find things that you have lost, but you must be the one who “lost” it, consciously or unconsciously.