Can Hypnosis Cure Phobias?

Yes, hypnosis is a very effective cure against phobias. You have probably heard about someone or seen someone who has been cured of a phobia with the help of hypnosis. Phobias are often used as a “test” on the effectiveness of hypnosis. It’s a perfect test because it’s easy to see fear in the face of the subject when the phobic reaction occurs, which is very often easy to incite. Tell a matter who is afraid of heights that you will have her crawl up a ladder, and you will see the phobia in action right there on the spot, without even having to find a ladder she can climb. Since it’s that easy to display what frightens the subject, it is also straightforward to verify that hypnosis did help.

A phobia is a learned fear. The cause of the phobia is often not present in the conscious mind; it is simply a case of one-trail learning, where the unconscious mind learns when it should be afraid to avoid danger. This is an attractive feature of the unconscious mind, hazardous animals. Unfortunately, some people experience fear out of proportion with the current situation. People who are very afraid of snakes or spiders will be afraid even when seeing a spider on the television. The mere conversation about snakes or spiders might also trigger a short moment of phobic response.

With the use of hypnosis, the unconscious mind can be reeducated. Not to the point where the former phobic will be stupid, confronting dangerous snakes of spiders. The unconscious mind can easily be made to realize the difference between a difficult situation and a non-dangerous one, thereby removing the phobic response without compromising the safety of the client. There is no shame in being uncomfortable around a poisonous spider or snake; I would say that is a natural reaction. But when you feel irritated just by mentioning the thing you are afraid of, you should consider consulting a hypnotist.