Can Hypnosis Be Used As An Anesthetic?

Hypnosis is very well suited to be used as an anesthetic. Dave Elman explains a lot about this in his book “Hypnotherapy.” Some time ago, many people died from the drugs alone, and not because of the operation. By using hypnosis alone or sometimes as a supplement, the risk of the patient passing due to the anesthetics was significantly reduced. Dave Elman also explains how a hypnotist helped his father be free from the pains related to his cancer. Elman personally uses self-hypnosis at the dentist to avoid being sedated with drugs.

Besides the book by Elman, I have read about many ways of using hypnosis to control pain. James Esdaile was a surgeon from Britain who worked in India for a period in his life. Instead of using medical anesthetics, he used hypnosis to operate on his patients. By inducing a deep level of hypnosis, the patient could be pain-free and have a quick recovery since there were no drugs involved. Similarly, many women have used hypnosis to avoid pain while giving birth to a child.

In my mind, it’s ridiculous that we use as much medical anesthesia as we do when we could substitute it with hypnosis. That way, the risk of being operated on could be reduced, and the cost of anesthetics could be avoided. It’s a win/win situation, but it would require a research effort in hypnosis by the surgeons.