Can A Hypnotist Make Me Commit A Bank Robbery?

The short answer to the question is NO! You do not lose control in hypnosis since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so anything you would do in the waking state, you would also do in the hypnotic state. Some TV shows have wanted to find out if you could hypnotize someone to make a bank robbery. Sadly enough, they often conclude that it’s possible to hypnotize someone to commit a bank robbery.

Sadly, because they misunderstand the state of mind you are in. If the hypnotized person has any idea that the setting is false, that they will not commit an actual bank robbery, they are most likely to follow the suggestions. Think of it this way: If hypnotists could hypnotize anyone to do anything they wanted, we wouldn’t have crime since it would be easier to grip them than to put them in prison, but that’s not the case!

In his book “Hypnotherapy” Dave Elman conducts somewhat similar experiments. After inducing a profound state of trance (called the hypnotic coma by Dave Elman), he – along with the audience members – discusses how they should try and wake him up. Someone suggests that they yell “FIRE!” but this does not affect the subject. They even light a match and put it between his fingers, but he drops it on the floor when the flame gets too close to his fingertips. After Elman has woken up the subject, he interviews him about his experience. The issue tells him that he was aware that they would yell fire, even though there was no fire; therefore, he didn’t find it necessary to react. On the question of why he dropped the match instead of waking up to put it out, he responded that he knew a burning match couldn’t damage the floors.

The only way I imagine someone could be hypnotized to do something they wouldn’t want to is if they believe that the hypnotist has this power and possibly that the thing he wants them to do, doesn’t go against core beliefs greater importance than the belief about the hypnotist. But if you have this kind of belief, don’t get hypnotized. The answer to the question is: Even though TV shows have shown people acting out “fake robberies,” I would contradict their findings, you cannot be hypnotized to commit a bank robbery.