Can Hypnosis Help Me Find Lost Things?

Through time, stage hypnotists have shown us how hypnosis can be entertainment. For nearly as long, clinical hypnotists have urged us to hypnosis as something that can help you overcome past problems. So where does this question come from, that hypnosis could be used to find lost things? Many different hypnotists have reported that the … Read more

Can Hypnosis Cure Phobias?

Yes, hypnosis is a very effective cure against phobias. You have probably heard about someone or seen someone who has been cured of a phobia with the help of hypnosis. Phobias are often used as a “test” on the effectiveness of hypnosis. It’s a perfect test because it’s easy to see fear in the face … Read more

Myths About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Busted

There are a lot of myths about hypnosis, for good reasons. When hypnosis is used to entertain an audience, the entertaining part is often people acting crazy, seemingly under the hypnotist’s control. The rest of the audience sees this and concludes that this can happen. Some claim it’s working, but many others think it’s mind-control. … Read more

What Can Hypnosis Do For Me?

You don’t have to spend much time on the internet to find out that the appliance of hypnosis is very wide. I could answer the question by writing a very long list that wouldn’t be complete. Because of that, I will supply you with a shortlist of the most common thing that hypnosis is used … Read more

Hypnosis and Science

Hypnosis is not a form of medicine taught in medical school. Some people even disregard that hypnosis should have any effect or even exist. This article reviews a scientific study on the impact of hypnosis on the mind. This article is written mainly for the skeptics. I have often been asked the question of a … Read more

What Does It Feel Like To Be Hypnotized?

The accounts of thousands of people say it all: It feels nothing like you would expect it to feel. This is especially the case if you misunderstand the nature of hypnosis. Some people think that you will enter into some void, where you won’t hear or feel anything. Other people believe that they won’t remember … Read more

Beware How You React Towards Your Child

This article is about the relation between children and their surroundings, especially their relationship with their parents. Many of the issues handled by hypnotherapists are often directly related to situations occurring in childhood. It’s typically something parents have said or done – without having bad intentions – that have caused the issue. The article contains … Read more

Can You Be Hypnotized Against Your Will?

This question implies that hypnosis does something you wouldn’t want it to do, and if that’s the case, the question should rather be: Can you be made to do anything you don’t wish to with the use of hypnosis. But to answer the original question: no one can make you enter the hypnotic state if … Read more

Will I Lose Consciousness In Self-Hypnosis?

As with hypnosis conducted by a professional hypnotist, there are a lot of misconceptions about self-hypnosis. When I suggest that someone practice self-hypnosis, I get a lot of questions about the hypnotic state itself, the common question is: What if I don’t wake up from hypnosis? And the simple answer to that question is: You … Read more